Costa Rica’s gastronomy

What dishes are worth trying in Costa Rica?

The Gallo Pinto

Is the typical Costa Rican breakfast, made with rice and kidney beans, with the addition of onion, pepper and, of course, coriander. It is usually accompanied by egg, cheese and corn cake or bread.

fruit du Costa Rica
macrhé costa rica

The Casado

Is Costa Rica’s signature dish, made with rice and beans with plantain and a vegetable salad. This dish is accompanied by a choice of meat or fish, usually chicken.

The Arroz con Pollo

Is a very simple dish made with rice and chicken; there is no recipe as such, so it will not be the same wherever you decide to have it.

repas costa rica
carne Costa rica

The Olla de Carne

Made with meat, potatoes, carrots, bananas, manioc, sweet potato and chayote. It is accompanied by white rice, which is served separately. 

The chicharrónes

Prepared by frying the pork in lard, accompanied by tortillas, manioc, lemon, salad and tomatoes. Like many things here, this dish is seasoned with coriander.

chicharrones costa rica